Baby Bear

Facebook reminded me of this memory today – a throwback to simpler times. Chilling with my baby boy and growing my sweet girl in my belly. Full of hope. Confident that things would get easier once my difficult pregnancy stopped wearing me down and I could be the mother I always dreamed of. So proud of all the milestones my son was crushing, like they were proof I was succeeding at motherhood.

You know what I noticed first in this picture? That he was wearing jeans. My boy, in jeans! For the past few years he can barely tolerate jogging pants.

Simpler times.

My life was going EXACTLY as I had planned it.

And then it didn’t. And the floor got stolen from beneath my feet and I spent 9 years desperately trying to regain the control I once (naively) believed I had over anything.

My sweet, baby cub. Mama bear had so much to learn about life back then.

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